Bangladesh Business Consulting (BBC)

Bangladesh Business Consulting (BBC)

Most of the time it may be a difficult experience to start a new business for a entrepreneur. We recognize that each business and entrepreneur is
unique and we pride ourselves on being able to accommodate and to cater to each and every client.

But do you know that the failure rate for new businesses is approximately more than fifty percent .This grim reality could be substantially avoided as in many cases the route to failure was unwittingly predetermined.

At BBC we understand the reasons why the failure rate for new businesses is so high. It is our objective to ensure that our clients receive the necessary tools and information to establish strong foundations to not only survives, but to thrive in today’s business climate.

Success or Failure is the two side of a coin…
It is your duty to choose one side. If you know the rules you will choose the right side..

At BBC we know the rules. It is our responsibility to guide and help you implement these rules to ensure that you dynamically increase your chances for success while avoiding the pitfalls as a result of lack of knowledge.
Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel 107, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue
Dhaka 1215
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Bangladesh Business Consulting (BBC)

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