EAGLE CONSULTING is a research and consultancy services provider that works with both the commercial and non-profit sector. The consulting services offered cover a broad range of areas including management and organizational development, finance, project management and evaluation, engineering, and technology.

The firm was started to meet the growing demand for quality research and consulting services in the country at a time development and reconstruction is picking up in Somalia. Out of recognition that this growth and economic recovery will require institutions that can deliver world-class, professional consulting services in the areas of management, technology and engineering, EAGLE CONSULTING was founded to coordinate the efforts, talent and knowledge of a group of Somali professionals and researchers.

Preliminary market research conducted by the founders also emphasized the need for more efficient methods, procedures and tools in the way research and consulting services were rendered in the past decade in this region as a result of the emerging technologies and evolving requirements of the clients. Since that time, we have been working on building our own capacities and bringing together a pool of researchers from varying backgrounds and disciplines. We have also devised rigorous processes for the selection of our team members based on their qualifications, skill sets, and willingness to learn more.

Since its establishment, the firm has managed to build a network of over 25 researchers and a large number of enumerators and research assistants. This distributed team is supplemented by a longer list of registered researchers that among them have accumulated over 30 years of research work experience.

EAGLE CONSULTING has a couple of advantages over its competitors in the research and consultancy market most important of which is the over 20 and growing number of researchers with varying and complementary educational backgrounds and experiences. The organizational culture we strive to maintain, which has teamwork and continuous growth together as its fundamental pillar, will definitely guide us to realize our vision. In addition, our understanding of our potential clients and what they really need is another advantage for us to be able to serve them better.

We strive to deliver quality service and honest work as we believe that it is the fundamental element of good work. It is our goal to deliver quality service that speaks for itself.

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