MVM Consulting Company

MVM Consulting Company
General director: Karapet Sakapetoyan Managing director: Armen Harutyunyan

To solve various business issues related including effective and safe tax planning, from managers, lawyers and financial services specialists of organizations are often required working experience in the sphere of tax and legal consulting. Here's why..

Tax consulting allows optimizing taxation, assessing tax risks and calculating tax consequences during conclusion of contracts. As well as verify tax accounting and reporting.

Legal consulting has become an integral part of modern business. Since it allows being aware of recent changes in legislation that makes company life defended and successful.
However, against the background of main responsibilities it is additional waste of effort and time which can slow down current affairs. In this case, timely involvement of a team of professionals in solving present issues will help you to allocate your time and energy more effectively. As well as to look at the situation from the other side and find optimal solution.
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21a Sayat-Nova, place 48
Yerevan 0001
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MVM Consulting Company

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