Plan B Khartoum

Plan B Khartoum
Plan B Khartoum

Marketing is a group of different activities and processes that forms to directions
First: Explore and Identify the base of clientele desires.
Second: Develop and Enhance the products/services to reach the ultimate result which is having a happy, satisfied client with a full-edge fulfillment with their products/services and maximizing the profit within a short margin of time.
Further clarification, Marketing does not mean advertisement nor the idea of sells , sell is considered the external crust of marketing.
Marketing also does not mean the idea of social media stuffing, advertising pill boards,flyers or news papers and advertisement magazines, that is a redundancy to the concept of marketing, hence its not and entertainment nor a comicality industry and based on that marketing is not a magic wand or a miracle creation tool, as the mistaken majority believe .Marketing is a social process of administrative authorities where every party achieves what they want or exchange benefits in an ideal way.
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Plan B Khartoum

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