The Consultancy Group (TCG)

The Consultancy Group (TCG)
Roxanne Myers - Senior Associate

The Consultancy Group (TCG) is a registered, professional consulting firm with a strong track record in delivering high quality, technical support to various firms and institutions in Guyana. TCG has a wide network of associate consultants who bring a wide range of depth, expertise and professionalism to each assignment.
Founded in January 2009, The Consultancy Group was formed to provide technical expertise to organizations and projects. TCG has a strong track record in delivering value-for-money, timely results and high quality research to clients, which have included the Government of Guyana, UN agencies and other international organizations.

+ 592 225 8771, 225 8773
263 Earl’s Avenue Subryanville, Georgetown
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The Consultancy Group (TCG)

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