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Sergey Hakobyan was born in 1971, in Armenia, Yerevan in the family of artists. He has been doing photography since he was 6 years old. 1989 served in the army of RA. 1989- 1999 he worked in the news department as a public relations officer and a photographer in the ministry of inner affairs of RA. 2000-2004 he served in a MOD of RA as a squad commander and a photographer in peace keeping forces. 2004 He left for Balkans for a KFOR 2004 peace keeping mission. In 2005 he founded Armenian Photographers National Association NGO and he is the president till now. He had 25 personal photography exhibitions. He took part in 33 group and republic photography exhibitions. In 2007 he published the first photographers magazine “Photoarvest” in Armenia. In 2006 he founded photographer’s school studio. He had more than 250 graduates. Some of them are famous photographers in Armenia now. In 2008 he founded Photo review photo agency. He is married and has 2 daughter. Website: or

more than 35 years

Rita Kamel

Born in June 1983 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Rita Kamel started her early school years in Athens, Greece, before moving to Lebanon at the age of 12 where she continued her education, ultimately graduating from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik with a Master of Sciences in Business Administration.
At a very early age, Rita started showing an interest in arts, writing prose and poetry texts. The older she got, the more her artistic interest grew, leading her to expand her outreach towards other forms of art such as painting, sculpting, acting, dance, and music.

Continuing in the arts field, she started taking up photography as a hobby, later deciding to take it more seriously and use it as a means of expression alongside her personal blog – which she’s been keeping since 2006.
Her works focus on street and travel photography, as well as wildlife, conceptual, portraiture, sports, and citizen journalism. Along with getting her photos published in numerous magazines, she uses her photographs to support NGOs of her choice.
A serious activist, Rita is an influential member Beirut Street Photographers, believing Beirut to be a street photography paradise, a place that is never the same twice.

Duke Morse

I am not the worlds best writer nor am I too keen on getting grammar or spelling correct…truthfully, I could care less; however, mom would definitely show me the mean face if I did not at least make an effort. (thank you spell check) None the less, over time you will notice that how I type is actually how I speak. I often use ”...” in place of a comma, a sentence break, or to simulate a continuation of something…I am sure that I use it for other things as well, but we will get to that later.

Somedays, I get burned out on shooting yet have a burning desire to shoot. Has that ever happened to you? To me that is a sure sign that I am in a rut of some sorts and that I need a change of pace. Maybe I have been shooting too many models. Maybe my work is getting cookie cutter from repetition of doing the same old shoots over and over. Well when I get that feeling of restless abandon I tend to go and shoot something completely unexpected and often unexpected to myself as well. If I have been shooting a lot of people, then I will go shoot landscapes or architecture or something out of the ordinary. But what if that doesn’t satisfy the burning desire? What if that doesn’t calm the restlessness? I have seen it quite a few times over the past 10 years of me shooting as a full time photographer. That is when I have to take a step back and settle myself. I need to find out what exactly it is that is bugging me. More often than not, I rind that it is frustration that is driving me nuts. Frustration with not having access to the proper tools that I need to create a certain project. Be that access to models, make up and hair stylists, and most often that is access to proper wardrobe styling and locations.

I am a full time working photographer. While I prefer to shoot beauty, fashion, advertising, and commercial images, I am no stranger to shooting weddings, landscapes, and most other types of photography. I travel frequently to shoot and with a valid passport I am able to travel on a moments notice to meet the needs of my clients.

United States of America

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