Iolanta Gondouin
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Biography / Professional Background:

Born in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova (living now in France), Iolanta Gondouin draws her first painting at the age of 5....

Website: Iola Art Shop
State / City: Grenoble
Country: France
Maria Marachowska
Biography / Professional Background:

Maria Marachowska, the daughter of a Russian colonel and a philologist for Russian literature, born in Omsk/Siberia on Monday, July21st 1980, spent her early childhood in Estergom/ Hungary and in 1986 she moved with her family to the historic metropolis Kaliningrad/Königsberg, where she attended the E.T.A. Hoffmann music school for highly gifted children/ instrument: piano/1989-1993.

In 1998, she returned to her native city Omsk/ Siberia for a period of 2 years to complete her studies of fine arts. Since 2000 she has been living in Germany, since 2004 in Berlin, where she has also newly discovered music for herself in addition to her work as a fine artist and has created her personal, innovative music style of “Siberian Blues”.

In numerous exhibitions and different contexts she has presented her varied fine and graphic art works, various paintings are contained in private collections in Germany, Europe and Russia. She is particularly interested in the development of cross-genre art events/ whole art works with multimedia projections of her paintings combined with her music, sound and light effects and staged exhibition spaces.

State / City: Berlin
Country: Germany

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