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McKinney Consulting
McKinney Consulting
Steven B. McKinney - President

At McKinney Consulting we understand you because we research you. We search to discovery what makes you unique as each of our clients has distinct differences. Once we have identified these differences we are better prepared to ask you the pertinent questions that are necessary for us to fully understand you and your business. When you speak, we listen.
We are flexible in our approach to serving you. Adapting to the nuances of your business and the challenges that you face is our standard of operations. We do it every day.
Providing a total experience is the hallmark of the “McKinney Way” of doing business. We make everything personal. Your concerns are our concerns. When we partner with you on an assignment success is the only outcome as failure is not an option. If that means we have to sometimes put more resources behind the assignment or we have to work harder, then that is what we will do. Success is 100% guaranteed at McKinney Consulting.

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#821 Gwanghwamun OFFICIA Bldg. Shinmunno 1-ga, Jongno-gu, Seoul
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