Julunggul Silk and Wool

Julunggul Silk and Wool
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Julunggul, which gives our brand name in Australian Aboriginal mythology reperesents the supreme creator and shaper of culture among some Australian tribes.

"Julunggul" was created in 2011 in Zaragoza (Spain) by Julia Munilla, architect, in response to a ilusion and a personal concern emerged in the fashion world, where supply is vast and varied but lacks attractive accessories manufactured natural raw materials (silk, wool ...) at reasonable prices and affordable with our own designs and made all under the banner of MADE IN SPAIN.

With this initiative, we created the first silk accesories collection autumn-winter 2011-2012 with reversible shawls, silk foulards, scarves, all done with silk and fine wool, with a variety of prints and colors.

Our clothes and accesories represent the comfort and versatility, making it possible to use throughout the year, with different applications. In addition, we want our designs, mainly natural materials, are valid with all kinds of fashion, being timeless, with simplicity and sophistication while

Silk is the primary tissue in our items, for its unique qualities in texture, beauty and thermal adaptability couple who takes their clothes.

We also present only clothes made of silk, stamped both as smooth and made by hand, like blouses and skirts sarong and other kind of accesories.

The collections are full of colors, vivid prints, bright flowers and small details that enhance the clothes, still few units made up in identical fabric, so the clothes are practically unique.

In our shop "on line" also offer the possibility that the client can choose the model that takes, in terms of finishes, long sleeve and waist.

We prepare a special service for corporate gifts and can customize labels and colors.


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Julunggul Silk and Wool

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