Fashion Stylist

Kim Beqiri

"Love of beauty is taste, the creation of beauty is Art""
Kim is available for various on site makeup artistry needs, including bridal and wedding parties, airbrush makeup, editorial, print, special occasions and photo shoots. Her training and experience in the industry has made her an expert in creating a flawless look for your special day.
Kim feels that getting your makeup done on your wedding day should be an experience in itself. She enjoys prepping the skin and uses the highest quality products to make you look like the best version of yourself! She is well known for her attention to detail and likes to work with each one of her brides to create a customized look that will bring out their best features. The whole process is definitely a collaboration and the end result is a gorgeous face.


I am the fashion blogger and stylist i love italian and international fashion, love going to italy and inspired myself of italian designers but i love irish and english fashion too. I stareted my blog few months ago and soon i am launching advise services for women on their outfit espescially in business ! I believe that how you look like means who you are how people perceive You And we always represent the image and espescially at work within your coworkers, employees, collegues ! I also advise on evening stylisation Please follow my blog And follow me on Facebook Too : YouTube !, istagram:belezzaireland ! Please contact me if you need help to advise you on any of mentioned below stylisations.


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