Post Production

Glauce Gomes
Name / Surname
Professional Background

From June to December 2014
Side Cinema (São Paulo, Brazil)
Commercial Film Production
Finisher (Retail)
Coordinate films postproduction – cutting and motion design internal staff and suppliers (3D and sound design); provide the necessary material for postproduction; monitor and validate broadcasting copies

From January to May 2014
Grupo TV1 (São Paulo, Brazil)
Audiovisual and Events Production
Researcher; licensing/copyright assistant
Image research; assist images licensing/copyright process

From August to September 2012
MPI – Marketing, Planejamento e Informação (São Paulo, Brazil)
Marketing Consulting and Audiovisual Production
Postproduction Coordination
Coordinate commercial films/tv programs postproduction internal staff – cutting, motion design, speakers and sound design; provide the necessary material for postproduction of Dárcy Vera mayor political campaign (PSD, Ribeirão Preto – 1st round)

From May to November 2011
Wings Health & Wealth Care (Lisbon, Portugal)
Pharmaceutical Marketing Consulting
Project Coordinator/Content Production
Project coordination – logos, websites and newsletters development; content production for the websites; support the creation of new products; support sales department (budgeting, reporting, customer follow-up); general secretariat tasks

From September 2008 to February 2011
Move It – Eventos com Movimento (Cova da Piedade, Portugal)
Event Production
Wardrobe Manager
Organization and maintenance of clothing, accessories and ornaments used in the events produced/supported by the company; wardrobe coordination in events and production assistance whenever necessary; wardrobe inventory; wardrobe
database creation/updating (photographing, image processing and data introduction)

From July 2007 to May 2008 and from August 2006 to January 2007
NBP Casting – current name Plural (Lisbon, Portugal)
Audiovisual Production
Secretariat/Production Assistant, Crowd
Supporting cast requests/scenes decoupage; hire supporting cast; timetables elaboration; database and attendance lists updating
As Crowd, supporting cast coordination in the set during the shooting of television programs and soap operas

From January to June 2006
Base AV Produção Audiovisuais (Lisbon, Portugal)
Audiovisual Production
Secretary/Assistant Director
General secretariat tasks; database management; sales department support; assistant director in Info commercials production/postproduction

From May to September 2005 and from February to May 2004
NBP/Fealmar – current name Plural (Bucelas, Portugal)
Audiovisual Production
2nd Assistant Director (soap opera “Ninguém como Tu”) / 2nd Assistant Director (serie “Ana e os 7” Season 2)
Actors, supporting cast, makeup and hair internal staff coordination, ensuring that the preparation timing for their recording performance not exceed; assist the 1st Assistant Director and the Director

From February to June 2003
Arte e Manhas/Ediberto Lima Produções (Cascais, Portugal)
Audiovisual Production
Postproduction Assistant (tv program “O Crime não Compensa”)
Recorded images selection and digitization; first cut editing; assist the post producer

From September 1996 to November 2002
O2 Filmes, Grupo TV1, Camera 5, among others (São Paulo, Brazil)
Audiovisual and Event Production
1st Assistant Director/Cast Tests Cutter/Production Assistant in commercial films, tv programs (including political campaigns), corporate videos, among others
Monitoring and coordinating all stages of production (from pre to postproduction and also possible client changes requested), cast tests cutting; general production tasks

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