• IBC International Business Cooperation unifies small and medium enterprises, and creates the common marketing for the IBC members, enabling savings in both money and time for all IBC members. “Unity is strength” is our motto… that means being united in a subject with the common name “IBC”. In the market we have the presence of a major player. With minimal expenditure, IBC is true competition to the giant companies that use a lot bigger budget for their advertising.

  • Within the basic categories of IBC, we have selected companies that perform professional services, such as: Business Consulting, Law Firm, Marketing & Advertising, Web Solutions, Transport & Logistics, Engineering & Construction. Any company that provides any of these services can be the part of IBC, and join the category in which it belongs. In order to protect the interest of all members, also in order to protect the interests of particular members, we are limiting the membership in impacted regions. This means that in a geographical zone where an IBC company works and operates, the membership of the other companies are not accepted.

  • Each member of these categories is obligated to offer substantial discounts in pricing to other IBC members. Reciprocally utilizing each other’s services with affordable prices directly enables increasing the business of IBC members.

  • So, as you can see we have not coincidentally selected these categories as a basis of IBC, because each IBC company member needs these primary professional services. And, as an IBC member there is no need to make major spending to use these services. So, IBC offers a close and mutual connection for all of its member companies that in the market represent a unique subject or a giant company. This is not typical, as any other business network only offers the registration of companies in one website.

  • A majority of the business categories are located on IBC Business Club. Each company that belongs in these categories are placed on the IBC Business Club website. Prospective companies can register online, which means they apply to join IBC. As in the case of the basic categories, We make selection of the companies that are going to be accepted, and respect their geographical zone. The first companies that are going to be accepted have the right to represent the IBC in that zone.

  • We have created three special websites for Hotels, Restaurants and Clubs, where the members can describe in details their businesses, posting photos and setting their location on the map.

  • But, life is not just about work, and we all need to have fun. So, we have developed IBC entertainment. IBC Entertainment has a variety of functions. First, to inform us about different places and events where we can entertain. Also, for all those industry professionals involved in show business, including Artists, Singers, PaintersFashion Professionals, Sportsmen etc. IBC enables the same advantages as our other IBC members. All members need the entertainment, promotion, and advertising companies’ services for organizing different events. This once again highlights the mutual cooperation between IBC members.

  • Among the most visited websites on the internet are the announcements and advertisement sites, so we decided to offer IBC members a free space where they can publish their announcements. IBC is classifying them into four websites according to the categories suited for each. So, the websites are, IBC Car Trade (to declare the sale and purchase of all type of vehicles), IBC Real Estate (advertisement for the sale and purchase and renting of real estate), IBC Jobs (advertisement for the job), and lastly IBC Classified Ads (of either all other types of announcements).

  • Also we have established IBC Blog, where the IBC`s members can post different news, information, and new offers from the company, or simply create a personal blog.

  • Now is also ready the website mostly of our members asked for it, IBC Market Place, an international online market were we will sell your products for you.

  • And that is not all… IBC`s website at the same time has the function of a Social Media, where all members can be connected directly with each other, create new friends, and communicate directly among them.

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