IBC Law Firm is an international association of Solo Law Firms (independent lawyers), Small and Large Law Firms,  with great experience and professionalism who offers quality services to their clinets in different legal practice areas such as:

Administrative law, Admiralty law, Advertising law, Agency law, Alcohol law, Animal law, Art law, Banking law, Bankruptcy law, Business law, Civil law, Communications law, Computer law, Constitutional law, Construction law, Consumer law, Contract law, Copyright law, Corporate law, Criminal law, Custom law, Cyber law, Employment law, Energy law, Entertainment law, Family law, Financial law, Franchise law, Health law, Immigration law, Insurance law, Intellectual property law, International law, Internet law, Media law, Military law, Nationality law, Parliamentary law, Patent law, Poverty law, Property law, Real estate law, Tax law, Technology law, Timber law, Trademark law, Transport law.

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