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Nunes Scholefield
Nunes Scholefield

Who Are We?
Nunes, Scholefield, DeLeon & Co. is the successor partnership to Judah, Desnoes, Lake, Nunes, Scholefield & Co. The firm’s predecessors can be traced from as far back as 1929 making it one of the oldest law firms in the Island. It has a broadly based practice with a reputation for offering a comprehensive range of quality legal services. Our firm is equipped with the latest technology and is constantly striving to improve its resources.
Glimpses of the Past
In 1929, two young lawyers, Douglas Joseph Judah, and Charles Harry Randall joined forces to establish the firm, Judah & Randall. This was the beginning of a partnership that was to develop into one of Jamaica’s outstanding law firms. They were later joined by another young lawyer, Noel N. Nethersole, who was admitted to practice in 1931. He joined as a partner, and the firm came to be known as Judah, Randall & Nethersole, carrying on practice at 11, Duke Street in Kingston.

Our Team
Our experienced team consists of 26 qualified and dedicated attorneys who are experts in providing quality legal services to our clients. Our attorneys are specialists in their respective practice areas. We will provide you a qualified attorney as per your requirements.

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Kingston 10, Jamaica, W.I.

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Nunes Scholefield

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