BDA-Société d’avocats

Directed by Patrick Atlan, BDA-Société d’avocats dedicates most of its resources to the corporate world.

The firm’s main purpose is to advise and assist a diverse clientele, whether it’s commercial, industrial or real estate companies. It also assists finance companies, institutions and not for-profit associations.

Dedicated to their patrons, specialized BDA-Société d’avocats lawyers assist clients in order to:
Support the management and the internal services in matters of law by handling their daily legal issues, as well as managing the planning and achievement of specific deals (development, restructuring, arbitration);
Ensure the protection of their best interests when dealing with either public or private disputes before French or international courts.
The firm applies its focus on four specific fields of competence:
Corporate Law and contract Law
Distressed company Law
Business Law
Employment Law
Through the ABC Mediation association, the firm also manages alternative dispute resolution procedures for companies or even on family ground.

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