– Photo session underwear HENDERSON, Collection: 2013/14
– Face clothing DRESS CLUB , Geographical Norway, Carisma, Redbridge, Negro; – Collection 2012/13 and 2013/14 http://www.dress-club.de
– Calendar Lindner 2013
– Face BYILO jewelry – jewelry photo shoot for Byilo www.byilo.pl
– Photo session for Sizeer.com
– Photo session for Ladybug
– Photo shoot for Macro
– Photo shoot for Real
– Photo shoot for gallery Mark www.galeriamarek.pl
– The photo shoot for the magazine EKSMAGAZYN
– Photo session for LIDL
– Photo shoot for web portals MAJESSO; MORILLO
– Photo session on billboards ZUMI / www.zumi.pl /
– The photo shoot for the cover plate singer SANRIA – OTHER
– Photo session for visuell MAGAZINE no. 39

– Julia Marcell CTRL – as a businessman

Exercise areas:
– Aneta Larysa Knap FolkDesign


– Finalist for this year’s competition MISTER POLISH 2013
– Finalist 2012 FitLook Models

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