Emocional Photography

Kaz Olszewski
Photography Type:
State / City: Warsaw
Country: Poland
Besmir Kociraj
Professional Background:

Camera operator at Ora-news TV
Shooting operator at Real Rtv
Camera, Photographer at BESO Foto & Video BESO

State / City: Vlora
Country: Albania
Rita Kamel
Professional Background:

Continuing in the arts field, she started taking up photography as a hobby, later deciding to take it more seriously and use it as a means of expression alongside her personal blog – which she’s been keeping since 2006.
Her works focus on street and travel photography, as well as wildlife, conceptual, portraiture, sports, and citizen journalism. Along with getting her photos published in numerous magazines, she uses her photographs to support NGOs of her choice.
A serious activist, Rita is an influential member Beirut Street Photographers, believing Beirut to be a street photography paradise, a place that is never the same twice.

State / City: Beirut
Country: Lebanon
Natalia Drepina
Professional Background:

Natalia Drepina
Artist | Professional | Photography
Current Residence: Lipetsk
Favourite genre of music: ambient,funeral doom,darkwave,neoclassic,dark-folk,gothic,ethereal,depressive black,dark electro,etc
Favourite style of art: surreal, emotional, nude

State / City: Lipetsk
Country: Russia
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