Photography has given me the ability to freeze moments in time with the click of a button; self-taught from my teenage years, I am able to capture memories that are never to be repeated again. Whether it’s a pollen-collecting bee, a newborn’s first smile, or an ice formation in a waterfall, my photographs enable me to share what I’ve experienced. From the tallest mountain peak to the complexities of the smallest ecosystems, my passion allows me to invite the world to experience all of the wonder and beauty Colorado has to offer. My photography is “as is,” untouched and straight from the camera.

Born in August of 1957, and raised in the Denver area, I am a Colorado native and have lived in this state my entire life. Now residing in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, I am a freelance photographer and the owner of Katagram Studios, a small, one person photography studio.

Owner of Katagram Studios

Wheat Ridge
United States of America
  • Katagram

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