The company DAUTI TRANSPORTSHPED AD, Saraj – Skopje was registered in the Municipal Court Skopje on 10.04.2003.
The basic activity of the company consists of transport, transportation, trade and services, that is international transport of goods and services in the roadway traffic.
Our local office organizes into the area of complete truck transport from Macedonia towards Europe and wider and vice versa, using high quality transport resources owned by the company.

Imperative of the company DAUTI TRANSPORTSHPED AD – Skopje is realization of the business policy through its adaption to the market trends and provision of profitability through increased loyalty and interest to the necessities of the business partners and the employees.

Within the positive regulations that regulate this matter, the basic means for work have to adhere to measures envisaged for the protection of the environment, measures for protection from fire and explosion. Without the accomplishment of these measures the company can’t perform the basic activity.

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