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Hazem Torab
Website Design, E-commerce, PHP Programming, HTML5, jQuery, ASP/ASP.net, CSS, Ajax, JavaScript, MySQL

Enozom is a software development company based in Alexandria, Egypt. Enozom provides its customers with cloud-enabled software applications, Custom software solution and mobile applications. Enozom serves Small and Medium Enterprises SMEs and acts as an outsourcing destination for large software firms all over the world.

Enozom implements agile software development methodology that shows flexible and rapid response to different types of change. Enozom's team is capable of using latest technologies to be able to choose the suitable technology that perform better for customer requirements, environment and constraints. Enozom follows quality control standards and methodologies in which the software passes through different tests to ensure the quality goals, the fulfillment of the customer requirements in addition to the software response under high load.

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